• HOLLYWEED Crew Sweater
  • Golden Yellow
  • Crew Neck
  • Black Screen Print

The Hollywood sign has been a staple part of Los Angeles and is well recognized all around the world. However, nothing is immune to artistic renditions in the land of dreams and creative expressions. The Hollywood sign has been made over to read “HOLLYWEED” by artists and activist throughout its’ history. It’s been changed to read “HOLLYWEED” three times by artists and activists since it was constructed.

In Light of that tradition, the MORBID FIBER Team would like to introduce our artistic rendition of the “HOLLYWEED” sign. This is the MORBID FIBER Golden Crew “HOLLYWEED” Sweater. Make all of your friends jealous when you sport this “dope” sweater and let them know that you are a part of the Los Angeles “HOLLYWEED” creative movement. The artist in you will know what HOLLYWEED represents to the urban Los Angeles crowd. It’s not just a word—it’s a lifestyle for some!


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Weight .16 lbs