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Who we are as artists

This is MORBID FIBER Los Angeles. We’re from the School of Hard Knocks. We’re the Misfits. The Rebels. The Troublemakers. We are the type of individuals who walk to the tunes of our own beat. We spit on the status quo and we sure as hell do not follow the same rules as everyone else. We thrive on shaking things up. Some may call us misfits or rebels, but we’re just the rebellious type who chose to make a difference in our own way. If you’re a creative or an artist like us, come help show the world what unique artists can do with no creative limits. Whether you’re a street artist, designer, illustrator, musician or actor—let’s help each other spread creativity.

MORBID FIBER Los Angeles Compton Black Snapback
MORBID FIBER LA Sporty t-shirt
MORBID FIBER Compton Black Snapback


MORBID FIBER design artsy accessories for creative types who like unique things. We try to create a few interesting accessories each year to keep things intimate and limited for our fans. Fans from our MORBID FIBER community are a part of a unique group of creatives and artists who represents the current vibrant art scene in Los Angeles. We are very proud to be a part of this fantastic community. Please show some love and remember to get out there and support your favorite artists!

City of Los Angeles

The dream capital, with it’s famed sidewalks, and larger than life signs; it’s where artists come to play. This playground is open to anyone and everyone who is capable of making big dreams come true.


The large art community here in Los Angeles is the reason why we’re here.


The people and the collaborative spirit in Los Angeles is what makes it so special.


We dream, eat, breathe, and live the artist lifestyle. That’s who we are!